“Their talents and efforts have been extremely beneficial in ensuring a successful conclusion and tens of thousands of dollars saved…their professionalism and dedication to our needs makes them a valuable asset and a trusted partner.”  Ken Henderson, Assistant Vice President, Technical Infrastructure at American Fidelity Assurance, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

“As MRC has grown, The Michael Group has provided Telecom Expense Management and Cost Savings services for our US, Canadian, European, and other international locations.  These efforts have produced an ROI of more than 80% based on their fees and the savings achieved.”  Craig Victor, Corporate IT Director, MRC Global, Tulsa Oklahoma

“… they provided the report with the time frame promised, and showed us how to reduce our costs by more than 30%!  Their recommendations made sense so we implemented them all.”  Ben Brown, Sunless Inc, Cleveland Ohio

“…we have been very satisfied with their level of honesty and integrity.  We trust them to do what is in the best interest of our company and we don’t have to spend time closely monitoring our telecom expenses.  They always know what to recommend and how to help achieve our goals.”  Tim Rains, Vice President Finance, United Petroleum Transports, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

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