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Great Things Can be Accomplished
by Working Together


A Different Approach to Reinforcing
and Supporting your IT / Telecom Personnel Needs

Can you answer “Yes” to any of the following?

  • Are you finding that when you lose an employee in the IT/Telecom field, it’s taking longer and more money to find a replacement?
  • Do you wish you had supplementary expertise for those times when people are out sick, on vacation, in training, overworked, etc?
  • Do you wish more of your employees had processes created, so when support is needed because they are out or you have to replace them, their workflow and responsibilities can be handled relatively easily by others?

What is Understood by Many

  • There is a 1% unemployment rate in most states for people in the IT/Telecom field
  • Employees are not staying with companies very long, because they are always being offered more money to jump ship
  • Technical schools are seeing fewer people enroll and/or become certified in IT/Telecom functions

We’re seeing 1% unemployment in these areas

  • Network Administration
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
  • System Administrator
  • Database Administrator

Wow! What can we do? What do we need to understand?

  • We must have imaginative and resourceful thinking
  • With more and more IT/Telecom services becoming commodities, we should be able to find backup assistance more easily
  • We need to find “partners” who can provide original and innovative solutions

How Can This Be Achieved?

  • You must have a partner that understands
    1.  – Technically how to make this work
    2.  – How to make it a financially viable solution for you

Good News! As your Partner, we have an “Outside the Box” solution!

  • You can have a backup
  • You can have redundancy
  • You can have processes (create a playbook)
  • You can have all this at a reasonable cost

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