Fee Structure

The marketplace is constantly changing and The Michael Group always strives to be at the forefront. Because of these shifts, it is important  to provide different rates for different degrees of expertise.

Today, we provide three (3) fee categories, which are determined by the degree of expertise needed to help you meet your objectives. Projects that require associates with more basic skill levels have become more affordable. This helps us fulfill your objectives more economically while keeping your head count down. Meanwhile, we remain competitive with our rates for premium services that require our most experienced consultants.

For the lowest hourly rate, we provide services that include TEM invoice management, inventory setup and maintenance, as well as information retrieval and correlation. At our mid-level rate, we can conduct optimization recommendations & implementation, among other services. On the higher end of our capabilities, we offer premium services such as benchmarking and RFP design. Also, we now offer some services, such as contract negotiation and traffic reviews, at all three fee categories , depending on the scale of the work.

Please refer to our “Pricing Structure Example” below  to see some of our services and give us a call so we can begin optimizing what you are currently paying for outside  services.

Pricing Structure Example

Retainer (Cost Savings) Agreements are Available

Fee Structure
NOTE: Hourly rates will be determined by the degree of expertise needed as well as upon what we agree is reasonable for the Partnership. 

Fees Stretch
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